Thursday, November 26, 2009

Yes - it has been a long time. Besides the day to day craziness of four kids, one dog, and a deployed husband we have been blessed with every sickness under the sun (including strep throat, the flu, and I won't even tell you what we have going on now).

We had an unwanted visitor which made for some excitement when someone went to use the toilet. (In case anyone is wondering, I did make a real effort to remove the frog before I gave up and flushed him.)

We have had to replace a water logged computer. The guilty party is extremely remorseful, especially once they heard that a family trip to Disney would now not be happening because we needed to spend the money to replace the computer. Most effective punishment EVER.

So I guess I will reintroduce you to who you have been missing.

Miss Faith
Muckle giving his sister kisses.
Annabelle after a night with curlers in her hair.
Grace at her Thanksgiving Feast at school. Her teacher named her Chirping Bird, because she is always talking.

OK, so here we are.

It is kinda funny. Everyone has been complaining about not being able to see the kids and here I am with them everyday, almost always willing to ship one or all of them off to a relative.