Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The other afternoon, Annabelle and Grace wanted to play in the backyard while Michael and Faith were sleeping. 

MAMA: Fine. Let's go outside. But - DO NOT PLAY IN THE MUD (It had rained)

The girls oh so sweetly agreed, and out we went. It was not 5 minutes later that Grace came to me looking like this....

And then while I was cleaning Grace off, George decided that if Grace could get all muddy then he could as well. 

At least Grace didn't get into the same mud that George did, because he came home smelling like a sewer.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Where Babies Come From

Daddy was being his normal self, teasing the children. He was trying to convince Grace and Annabelle they were not born, but instead were purchased them from the store. Annabelle seemed to be in on the joke, playing along. Grace, however, was not amused by this one bit. It took a bit of coaxing to get her to play along.

And then Daddy took it one step too far...

GRACE: So, what store did I come from then?

DADDY: WalMart. You came from WalMart and Annabelle came from Target. 

GRACE: WHAT? WALMART??? No way. No, NOT WalMart. I would definitely have come from Target. 

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Friday, June 05, 2009

Grace Graduates

Grace's Kindergarten Class at St. Anne's

Grace and her teacher, Mrs. Asher. 

Very close to a great pic of all the kids. Faith was sleeping, and by the time I got her the other three were long gone. 

Grace and Annabelle - they really love each other. 

Mama and the First Born - I don't know where she got the idea she could go and grow up so darn fast.  SLOW DOWN, child. 


I am out after dinner running a few errands. Eric is home with the kids, presumably putting them in bed. My phone rings...

MAMA (walking into grocery store at about 9pm): Hello? Hello? HELLO?!

CHILD: Hi Mama

MAMA: Grace? (I am startled because at this time, clearly they should be in bed)

CHILD: No, it is Annabelle. Hi Mama. 

MAMA: Hi Bellie. Are you ok? (As many of you know, Annabelle NEVER talks on the phone)

CHILD: Yes. Can you buy me some Oreos?

MAMA: I am pretty sure we have Oreos at home. 

CHILD: Not anymore.

DADDY (joining the conversation): Oh my Gosh, Annabelle! Did you call Mama ALL BY YOURSELF?

CHILD: Ummmm

DADDY: Dear, I had no idea that she called you. I was so busy putting Michael to bed, and dealing with Faith. 

MAMA: Really (please note extreme sarcasm)

DADDY: Yeah, ask Bellie. Bellie? Tell Mama what Daddy was just doing...

CHILD: Sitting on the couch eating Oreos.