Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Boy's First Real Haircut

The days of cutting Michael's hair in the kitchen in his high chair were long gone. He needed to go in for a real haircut and now that Daddy was home, he was just the guy to take him.

Michael did fairly well, with Daddy holding his shoulders and the man cutting his hair with a pretty firm grip on his head.
He looks much better now, and much older (which I am not too happy about).
He is thrilled about the cookies he got for behaving, he doesn't really care so much about the haircut.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Faith's 1st Birthday

The first time we celebrated Faith's birthday, she was not so sure about the cake. And even less sure about making a mess with it. She required some assistance.
The second time, however, she was clearly completely over whatever reservations she had the first time.
This time, cake was FUN....
... Squishy fun.
And she was even kind enough to share with George.

Playing Catch-Up

Yes, it has been a while. Over the next few posts, I will catch you up on what you have missed.