Friday, June 05, 2009


I am out after dinner running a few errands. Eric is home with the kids, presumably putting them in bed. My phone rings...

MAMA (walking into grocery store at about 9pm): Hello? Hello? HELLO?!

CHILD: Hi Mama

MAMA: Grace? (I am startled because at this time, clearly they should be in bed)

CHILD: No, it is Annabelle. Hi Mama. 

MAMA: Hi Bellie. Are you ok? (As many of you know, Annabelle NEVER talks on the phone)

CHILD: Yes. Can you buy me some Oreos?

MAMA: I am pretty sure we have Oreos at home. 

CHILD: Not anymore.

DADDY (joining the conversation): Oh my Gosh, Annabelle! Did you call Mama ALL BY YOURSELF?

CHILD: Ummmm

DADDY: Dear, I had no idea that she called you. I was so busy putting Michael to bed, and dealing with Faith. 

MAMA: Really (please note extreme sarcasm)

DADDY: Yeah, ask Bellie. Bellie? Tell Mama what Daddy was just doing...

CHILD: Sitting on the couch eating Oreos. 

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a H.I.T. said...

SO funny.