Friday, January 19, 2007

Sweet Dreams

Life is undeniably rough when you are three. So many toys, so little time, people to wait on you hand and foot, etc... Miss Grace has been having a very difficult time deciding where to sleep lately. Unfortunately, her lovely full-sized bed does not seem to be an option for her, so I have found her asleep (or trying to get to sleep) in some rather unusual places. Some of the exotic locations include her closet, under the table in her room, and (my personal favorite) tucked behind the pedestal sink in her bathroom. She had also placed the stool the girls use to reach the sink in front of her to shield any noise that might keep her awake (or more likely to keep me from spotting her.) The above depicts her sleeping on the floor, with her door open just wide enough to fit her head and Papa. This has made each and every night a little exciting, wondering where I will find her curled up next.

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