Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Our Little Drama Queen

Grace had fallen off a stool in the kitchen and whacked her head pretty hard. I gave her an ice pack to help the swelling. By the time I took this she was feeling much better, but when I got the camera out she said, "Wait. OK. Let me make my ouch face." I took the picture and she said, "OK, now let me see it." I turn the camera around so she can see it and she says, "oh yeah, thats a good one. Now let me make my princess face."


Dawn said...

Did you get a shot of the princess face? LOL

AER said...

Unfortunately it was blurry. But the pic from the Funny Faces post came from the same night. She is pretty hilarious.

AER said...

And keep in mind she hit the top of her head and she is holding the ice pack on her cheek! LOL