Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Making Valentine's Day Cards

'Tis the season for covering everything with pink and red, inhaling sugar coated jewelry, and making cards for your friends. Yes, Saturday is Valentine's Day and the girls have been busy making cards to take to their friends at school. 
Annabelle is content to writing names in pink and red. Grace, on the other hand, wants to write a little something to everyone. Her idea of a Valentine greeting is pretty unique. Here are a few examples of the messages she has written to her friends at school:

"You bring the same kind of juice as me!"

"Your hair is brown."

"You are a boy, but I still like you."

"You are taller than me,  but that's ok"

Perhaps she has a future in card writing. Or perhaps not...

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Beth said...

I love it. This is inspiried my post tomorrow!