Friday, September 01, 2006

Naked School

Grace has been talking a lot about school lately. When the "Stinkerbell Pack Pack" first arrived from Gramma and Grandpa, she put it on and hasn't taken it off for much since. And no matter where she wears it, the destination becomes school. She wears it to bed and calls it sleeping school. So when I snapped this photo, I asked her where she was going. Of course she replies, "naked school." And to be honest, were you to drop by at most anytime, this is exactly what she would be wearing.

(Disclaimer: The dresser you see in the background is shown BEFORE it was repainted and new hardware was added.)

1 comment:

Jen C said...

OMG! How priceless!

Aren't you glad you've snapped these photos to show the girls when they're older.