Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy - Guess what? I have learned a new trick already. Check me out. 
That's right, I am officially a walker. I know you saw me take a couple steps, but you should see me now.  I am working on being a sprinter in London 2012. 
I practice really hard and like to make Mama chase me around as much as possible. I think she likes that part the best, because she never knows where I will end up. Today, I found George's food. It smells pretty bad, but I ate it anyways.
I wish you could be here to see me, so I thought I would post some pictures for you to enjoy. Please note my super cute sock monkey jammies. They are my favorite. 
Well, I am pretty tired from all this running, so I better get to bed. I miss you tons and I love you even more. Big Hugs, Michael.

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sas81 said...

Anne, your blog is just too adorable. What great inforamtion; I'm ready to go make strawberry shortcake and then book a vacation for Spring with Beaches, lol. I love this little post about Michael walking, you are so talented. :-)