Sunday, October 26, 2008


I had just finished baking banana nut bread with chocolate chips when the girls came running into the kitchen. They both looked at it, smelled it and wanted to eat some immediately. I cut them each a slice and then the drama began. 

GRACE: So, what is in this bread?

MAMA: It is chocolate chip bread with nuts.

GRACE: Oh, sounds good. (She takes a bite) Mmmmmmm this is so delicious. 

MAMA: I am so glad you like it. 

GRACE (mumbling because she has shoved the whole piece in her mouth): This is my most favorite bread ever. Can I have some more, please?

MAMA: OK, just one more piece. (In my head I am scoring one for me: I got the child to eat a banana and - BONUS - she has no idea).

Michael walks through the kitchen and tries to throw one of his toys in the garbage, opening it just enough to expose the banana peels.

Oh crap, she sees them.

GRACE (putting the bread down): Um, there bananas in this bread?

MAMA: In your favorite new bread? Do you taste bananas?


MAMA: Then what does it matter? 

GRACE: THERE ARE BANANAS! You LIED to me. (Weeping) I can never believe you again. You made me eat a banana. 

She then ran off to tell Papa the whole story. I am guessing I don't come out very well in her version. 


Simply Lovely Gifts said...

I know you already realize this but Grace is absolutely hilarious! What a personality she has!!!

Jen C said...

Hey Anne! I've tagged you. Here are the rules: