Monday, October 06, 2008

Daddy's Helicopter

This has become one of our favorite shirts because the helicopter on it actually looks like the one Eric flies. (Note to husband - please do not send me an email detailing all the reasons it does NOT look like the Huey. It has skids and the same type of doors on the side. Close enough). So, when Michael first wore it, the girls were very excited. 

GRACE (yelling) Look Bellie! Michael is wearing Daddy's helicopter!!!

BELLIE: Yeah, but that is not Daddy's helicopter. Daddy would not fit in there.

GRACE: I realize that, Belle. I meant it just looks like his helicopter.

BELLIE: Right.


Matthew said...

I love Michael's "straight out of bed" hairstyle. He's just too busy to care.

NOTR said...

What! Someone still flies a "slug?" Surely you mean a UH-60 Blackhog? (Nobody cept for a few TDA flight detachments still fly slicks ... do they?