Friday, January 02, 2009

Celebrate with Chocolate

We know M&Ms don't melt in your hands, but just maybe this Valentine's Day they can melt somebody's heart.  I know, Christmas was about 5 minutes ago, but it is not to early to start thinking about Valentine's Day - especially if you want to do something really special and personalized. 

Now, this will be for those of you who actually celebrate Valentine's Day. There are those who believe that it is a holiday invented by Hallmark in order to sell candy and cards (yes, Husband, I am talking about you). If this applies to you, then please explore all the other holidays and occasions that can help you celebrate. 

You can create your own color combinations, personalized messages, even put pictures on them. All the grandparents who would like to get a bag with your grandkids beautiful little faces, please raise your hands. 

As for Valentine's Day, if you are tired of looking at the selection of store bought cards for your kids to pass out that are plastered with Disney Princesses, Hanna Montana, Spiderman, or some other grossly over-exposed licensed character, consider personalized M&Ms

You can choose the colors and the message. Your child can hand out their own creations that will sure stand out in the sea of boring cards. They can be like conversation hearts, but soooo much better because they are chocolate. 

If you need some inspiration to create your M&Ms and how to package them, Martha Stewart (who featured these on her show) has created a few examples of how to package and presents your personalized treats. Check out the website for all the great ideas and products available.

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