Saturday, July 22, 2006


Many of you may not know that we were planning on spending our time off visiting family in Connecticut and Michigan. We were thinking about a road trip. Yes, that would be a very long time in the car (about six days when all was said and done) but it would be well worth it when we could spend some quality time. Well, as luck would have it (or should I say, as the Marine Corps would have it) we are only getting a couple weeks off. And since Eric needs some time to do some work before he starts, that would give us about two days at each destination. Considering all the travel days needed, our roadtrip dreams have now been destroyed. The above picture shows how Grace reacted when we told her that we would not be able to visit everyone. How can we remedy this you ask? We discussed it with Grace and Annabelle and they have asked Eric and I to ask you to please come and visit. Look how upset Grace is, and I can't even show you Annabelle. It is too pathetic to even post. So us cheer the children up and come and see them. They miss you!

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