Wednesday, July 12, 2006

One of the downsides to a front-loading washer......

This morning at breakfast, Grace decided that Papa needed to eat some yogurt. You can imagine the mess that this created and the bottomline was that spot cleaning was not going to cut it. He had to go in the washer. I didn't want to face a naptime or bedtime without Papa, so it needed to be done right away. Well, Grace spent the next 40 minutes with her faced pressed against the window of the washer, SOBBING. You had to feel bad for her, but it was pretty funny. When she realized that he had to go in the dryer when the wash cycle was over, she moved to the middle of the room and proceeded to fling her body around on the ground for about 15 minutes, until she decided that fruit snacks woud be able to hold her over until Papa was finally dry.

I am happy to report that child and bear have been reuinted and everyone seems to be doing fine. Both Grace and Papa seem to have suffered no lasting damage from this mornings washing.

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