Tuesday, July 25, 2006


So yesterday we decided to drive to the outlets in Destin. We have heard from numerous people that they are very nice, so we packed up the kids and the stroller and set off for some shopping (browsing). So it took us a little longer to get there than we had planned considering there was bumper to bumper traffic the last third of the way there. An hour car ride turned into at least two. And when we finally arrived, we realized that the traffic jam STARTED in the parking lot of the outlets. It took us 30 minutes to happen upon a spot, and instead of just leaving, we decided to try and salvage the day and go in a few stores (the traffic was just as bad on the way out of the parking lot).

I can't even imagine how many people were milling around this place - thousands easily. We went into one store, where you couldn't really maneuver a stroller and then Grace had to use the potty. So we set out to find one and the line was longer than the line to get into parking lot. We looked for another, couldn't find one. At some point Grace dropped her shoe so I had to go back and find it. Found it, made my way back to Eric and the girls and decided to leave. Oh, and did I mention that these are outdoor outlets and by now it is pouring down rain?

We get in the car and get out the map to find an alternate way home, which takes equally as long, but at least we are moving. We are all hungry, but there is nowhere to stop. And when we finally get within a few miles from home, Grace pees all over herself and the carseat. Finally we arrive home, about 7 hours after we left.

Through all of this, Grace and Bellie were very well-behaved. Even so, I think today we will stay home.

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