Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What Not to Wear

We try and pick out outfits for school the night before. Sometimes this saves us from the drama that often results from getting dressed, and sometimes not. Last night, we tried to pick something out, but Grace wasn't happy with ANYTHING. Getting frustrated, I asked her why she didn't like anything.

GRACE: Mom, I can't wear this.

ME: Why not, it is pretty fabulous.

GRACE: No, it is not fabulous. It is ridiculous.

ME: And why is it ridiculous?

GRACE: Because I am going to be the leader, and the leader cannot wear THAT. (THAT was a pair of capri pants and matching shirt. There were plenty of colors and patterns going on, so one would think she would love it.)

ME: Ok, what can the leader wear then?

GRACE: This (She then proceeds to pick out the following ensemble: A pink sleeveless dress that she had been wearing all afternoon and also wanted to sleep in, two different socks that were different heights[one snoopy, one ruffle-y princess], leopard print shoes, a pair if blue shorts that you couldn't see under the dress anyways, two pairs of panties, three hair barrettes, and a sweater sized 12-18 months that I can't bear to get rid of because Grace used to wear it ALL the time. )

I am going to start an official countdown until uniforms...

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