Saturday, July 12, 2008

Grace and the Arm

So, many of you know by now that Miss Grace had a little accident and broke her arm. I just want to let everyone know that she is fine, but in a cast up to her shoulder. She decided it would be a good idea to climb over the gate that keeps Michael from falling down the stairs. 

She didn't fall very far, or very hard. But she did fall just right so that she broke both bones in her forearm. To provide you all with a visual (I do have pictures, but you know the story about that) stick your arm straight out forward with your palm facing downward. Now raise your fingers toward the sky. Grace's arm was pointing straight up from the middle of her forearm. OUCH.

We took her to the ER on base, and they were WONDERFUL. For those of you that know all the "fun" we have had in our experiences with military medical care, we were pleasantly shocked. They only waiting we did was for the orthopedic surgeon on call to arrive and during that time they gave her meds to keep her very comfortable. 

For now, swimming and tae kwon do are done. It was her right arm, so the countless hours she would spend drawing and coloring have become shorter and a bit frustrating for her. We will have to get a bit creative to keep her entertained during our week at the beach, but overall she is handling it extremely well. 

*Note - this is an old picture, but we are seeing a lot of this face from Grace right now.

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