Saturday, July 19, 2008

Three Stages of Grace and the Arm

This is Miss Grace in the ER waiting to have her arm set and put in the temporary cast. She was such a good girl, even with all the cords, the IV line and everything else hooked up to her. Papa was quite helpful keeping her arm in a good position while we were waiting for the Orthopedic Surgeon on call. 
This is just before Grace had her x rays done this afternoon (wearing the beautiful sling custom made by moi). Everything is healing as it should. She just has about 6 weeks left in the cast.
And this is her new pink cast. Unfortunately there was no purple, but she didn't seem to mind. There was a fabulous leopard print that I tried to convince her to get, but she was totally not interested. 

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J said...

Grace is sure styling in her hot pink cast and super cool sling. I remember when I was little everyone got the same ugly rough white plaster. Do they still sign casts?