Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Responsibility Project

When Grace started kindergarten, we were introduced to the Unseen Guest Program sponsored by St. Anne's. Families from the school prepare meals for those who come to the church because they are hungry. The kids and I picked up a stack of containers the other day, and came home and cooked meals that we froze and will turn in to be handed out as needed.

I thought this would be a great way to start teaching the kids about helping others, especially since they will never see those they are helping. I wanted them to understand helping others for the sake of helping, not because you will get something in return or even see the results. Now, at almost 5 and 3, I am not sure they totally "get it." But it is a start. 

Liberty Mutual would like to teach people the same sort of things, and have started The Responsibility Project to do just that. At their site, you can watch short videos, meant to teach the lessons of personal responsibility and paying-it-forward. There are also discussion guides and a blog to help parents find ways to talk to their kids about why taking personal responsibility for ourselves and the world around us is so important.

It is not easy explaining to kids that the right things may not always be the most popular, or that just because someone may be willing to do something for you doesn't mean that you should help yourself as well. And these lessons are not learned overnight, but will come from constant guidance and attention from parents and families. Liberty Mutual understands this, and their Responsibility Project is a big step in the right direction. 

Take a look at their site. It is the responsible thing to do. 

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