Saturday, November 08, 2008

Fall Festival

Today was the Fall Festival at St. Anne's. In reality, it is three hours spent pumping the kids full of sugar, followed by an excited 15 or so minutes in the moon bounce and finally a crash of epic proportions.  The kids had a blast and actually the crash has not been all that bad - so far. 
Grace got her hair painted with purple stripes, which are fading fast and she is trying to figure out a way to keep them. Annabelle wanted nothing to do with the hair painting. 
They had popcorn, which is one of their favorite treats.  

Although Michael didn't get to play many games, he still had fun, too. He was in the nursery while I worked the cookie walk and he didn't want to leave. 

The girls also won vouchers to take to the pet store for free goldfish. It remains to be seen if those vouchers will get "lost" or not. 

It was a very nice afternoon. The only thing missing was their Daddy.

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