Monday, November 24, 2008

SeatSnug: A Safer Way to Ride

It is not unusual for me to look in the rearview mirror and see one of my kids tipped to one side in their booster seat. Either from trying to reach something that fell on the floor or attempting to hit the nearest sibling within reach, the girls are constantly pushing the limits of the seat belt. Not only does this drive me crazy, it certainly is not safe. And if they are able to wiggle and wriggle their way across the backseat, I am pretty confident they are not very secure in general, and most importantly they are not safe if we get into an accident. 

That is what makes the SeatSnug such a great tool. It is used with a booster seat to keep the wiggles from loosening the seatbelt. Attaching to the seatbelt in your car, the SeatSnug keeps the belt snug to their hips and prevents slack, gapping, looseness and anything else that is caused by the inevitable wriggling that goes on.  

Not convinced? Check out the SeatSnug website and watch the videos of the SeatSnug in action. Or, if you are in the neighborhood, you can catch a ride with the kids and I and we can do a little off - roading. 

The installation is really simple. (There is a video on that, too). But as we all know, sometimes you have guests so you need to do a little rearranging in the car. The SeatSnug doesn't have to be removed, you can simply turn it too the off position when someone who doesn't need a booster seat is riding along.  

It is amazing to see the difference once the SeatSnug is installed. You think that the booster seat itself is enough to keep your kids safe. Surely a booster is better than nothing, but a SeatSnug is so much better than a booster alone. 

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