Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Poor George

George used to have his own chair in the living room. It had seen better days, and since George repeatedly tried to take up residence on my couch I needed someplace else for him to call his own. He felt like he was "winning" when he was allowed in the chair, and he also stopped trying to get up on the rest of the furniture.

Sadly, recently the chair had to go. It smelled more like a dog than George did. And it was dirty. So I hauled it out to the garage and replaced it with a dog bed.

Apparently he still prefers "people" furniture, because now that the chair is gone he has decided to take up residence on the kids table in the front window.

That doesn't look comfortable, not even a little bit. But you can tell by the scratch marks on the top that he gets up there quite often. Usually he gets down as soon as he hears me coming, but for this picture he was in such a deep sleep he didn't even notice.

Poor George. How dare we expect him to sleep on an actual dog bed.

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