Monday, August 21, 2006


When you have a second child, it is really only a matter of time before the two children start working together. Once it happens, it can be a beautiful thing: one helping the other get dressed, color a picture, etc... But, it can also be a very bad thing. When children use their powers of persuasion for, shall we say "evil", instead of good, only parental frustration can result.
This afternoon we were all a little sad due to the departure of Uncle Dave. Leave it to Grace to spice things up a bit. I left the girls in their room with the Legos so I could make them some lunch. About halfway into putter jelly samiches, I hear this:
"Put it in the potty Bellie!!!"
I drop everything, run to the bathroom and find the following senario:

Annabelle sitting on the back of the toilet with her feet inside the bowl (imagine lounging at the pool, dipping your feet to keep cool), swirling a cell phone in the water (luckily it was a toy phone).
Grace is standing against the wall laughing so hard I am looking for a puddle to form underneath her.
As soon as I appear in the doorway, Grace immediately stops laughing as says, "Bellie, why are you playing in the potty?"


Jen C said...

OMG! How hysterical!

Did the cell phone make it?

Eric, Anne, Grace and Annabelle said...

Unfortunately no....the phone is history. Next time they will be helping me make lunch.