Saturday, August 12, 2006


And unfortunately it is also hot inside. Poor Grace is acting like a space heater with her 103 temperature. She woke up this morning at about 99 degrees and had WAY too much energy. Then early this afternoon she crashed. After quite a struggle and who knows how many tears, we were able to get her to take some Tylenol and currently, she is sipping on juice, snuggled into her favorite Elmo sheets watching "Scratch" (aka Shrek) from her bed. Daddy set up the portable DVD player in her room. It will be fun when we try and take that out!
So, we were supposed to be headed to a BBQ this afternoon. Needless to say, Grace and Mama will be staying behind while Bellie and Daddy go have fun. Annabelle had the pleasure of being sick at the beginning of the week, so now she is ready to run around and play outside.

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