Friday, August 04, 2006

Gracie Gracie Gracie

Sometimes kids really make you shake your head, whether it is in amusement, bewilderment, amazement, or because there simply are no words. Today I was looking at the blog with Miss Grace. She loved to look at all the pictures and it was amazing to me how connected she was to them. She was upset because she could not see Grampa in the photo of her riding the pony (he is the one leading). She pointed to the helicopters and said, "Daddy flies helicopters." And of course she knew Leroy and "Georgie." But Grace also brought something to my attention: that there is no picture of Elmo. And she did not want just any picture, but a picture of her Elmo birthday cake from last year. She said, "Oh my GOSH! What happened to my Elmo birthday cake?!!"
So, I am here now to right the wrong, to add the missing piece. And I am sure that the next time she sees this she will point out something else that Mama has overlooked.

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