Sunday, August 06, 2006

Today I learned a valuable lesson that I thought I would share: What NOT to do when cleaning out the car....

On our way home from brunch we forgot to go to the car wash so we could wash the car, but more importantly so that we could vacuum out the inside. It has become a crumb factory, and we were quickly being overrun with half eaten goldfish and other kiddie snacks. So when we did get home, I decided to clean the inside myself (or at least get started and then head out to the car wash do the rest later). I removed the larger items: about 5 shoes that belong to Grace, 10 or so books, about 57 legos, I dare not count the number of sippy cups, etc... Then I took out the car seats so that I could remove the covers and wash them.
I got as far as removing the seats and setting them in the carport when I was summoned inside for numerous reasons, mostly concerning diapers, juice and the like. I was confronted by one thing after another (to include about 7 "check ups" by Dr. Grace) and eventually I simply forgot.
Fast forward to about 6pm, by this time Eric is running out to do something, Bellie has developed a fever pushing 102 and Grace has come in from outside where apparently she was wallowing in the mud because she is FILTHY. (Just another typical day at the Rogers).
What does Eric encounter in the carport? Two car seats SWARMING with red fire ants. Totally covered. Which he doesn't realize until he picks one up and his hands are covered and he is being bitten all over the place.
So the moral of the story is DO NOT start to clean out the car, get distracted ( but really, I had valid reasons to get side-tracked) and leave two car seats filled with a crumb-y feast for creatures like red fire ants.

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