Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Are You Smarter Than a Four Year Old?

Forget about being smarter than a fifth grader, because I can't seem to keep up with my four year old. This evening, Grace was speaking to me in CHINESE.

Thanks to the good folks and Chik Fil A, with every kids meal comes a CD teaching a different language. After having lunch there this afternoon, Grace came home with Chinese and Annabelle with Spanish. Upon arriving home, Grace popped her CD in and started listening. 

To be honest, I thought the novelty would wear out rather quickly. Wrong. She sat at the dining room table, coloring, and learning some basic words and phrases pretty much all afternoon. When I tried to sit down and do it with her, she was actually correcting my pronunciation. 

When I asked if we should try Spanish, she informed me that she already knows Spanish and proceeded to count to 10. 

Well, EXCUSE me.

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Pink Dawn said...

Anne- you'd better watch those two. With brains like that, they could easily use their powers for evil. ;)