Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun For All During WonderFALL

I have been thinking a lot about vacation lately. While Eric and I were in Newport, I saw all the kids with their parents and wondered if our kids would have enjoyed it as much as we did.  I am sure it would have been great, but I am not sure it would be our first choice destination with the whole family.
So that begs the question: where would our first choice be? I have come up with a few ideas, many of which involve the whole family in mouse ears. But after doing a little research online (and I love doing "research" online) I came across an option I had not considered.

Apparently Beaches is not just for honeymooners. That is honestly what I always thought of whenever I heard  someone mention Beaches Resorts, but after looking at their website I see I am seriously mistaken.  Recently heralded as one of the top ten family beach resorts by Parents Magazine, the wide variety of activities available for the entire family is very impressive.
There are all kinds of activities for kids, many of which revolve around Sesame Street. Kids can have a meal with characters like Bert and Ernie. There are fully staffed nurseries for the tiniest of tots, with professionally trained nannies available whenever you need them. Crafts, swimming, stage shows, baking, parties, dance, the list goes on and on and it is all geared to create the perfect vacation for your little one. 

Added bonus? While your kids are so busy having the time of their lives, you can be relaxing next to this....
Or you could be having a nice dinner with these nice people pictured here...
Tempting, I know.  And lets not forget that these are all inclusive resorts, meaning all fun and activities, meals and amenities (except spa packages) are included in the price. Yes, that includes drinks. And a Butler service. And transportation to and from the airport. 

So, the bottom line is that Beaches is not just for honeymooners anymore (they still like honeymooners, too!). Give their site a look and I dare you to decide between their 4 fabulous resorts in Turks & Caicos and Jamaica. Right now they are offering some great deals as part of their WonderFALL promotions. 

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