Friday, June 27, 2008

A Little Help?

By chance, has anyone seen the cord that connects my camera to my computer???

Yes, I understand how ridiculous it is to post about this, but perhaps this explains how frustrated I am that I can't find it. I have looked everywhere I can think of, and it just seems to have (as Annabelle would say) missappeared

Any suggestions as to where I should look? I am at a loss. And you realize that there will be no new pictures posted until I find it? So, please tell me where to look. 

A reward will be offered to anyone who leads me to aforementioned cord. And yes, I have looked in Grace's bed, where all missing things usually seem to end up. 


Dorothy said...

Anne, do you have a Dell laptop? My brother taught me to just put the little (SD) memory card right into the lap top to upload. Anyway, hope you find it!

AER said...

I have a MacBook, but maybe there is a way that would work. Thanks for the tip!!!

Janelle said...

Probably not a perfect solution, but if you have any camera but Olympus I think you can just go to Best Buy or the like and pick up a new cable. Or there are things called card readers for about 25 bucks that read all different memory cards. Easy hook up to a mac! If you couldn't tell I was recently dealing with the same issue!