Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Little Tiger Cubs

The girls are taking tae kwon do. In my search for summer activities, most things were either Mommy and Me (which doesn't really work for one mommy and three me's) or they were too young.  So tae kwon do it is, and they have really had a great time so far.
They are called Tiger Cubs. Hopefully when Eric gets back he can help them out a bit outside of class since I have no clue. 
Grace got her uniform today. Annabelle will have to wait for her size to come in (she needs pretty much the smallest one they make). There are also patches that will go on the front.  Grace was sold once she found out that there were accessories involved. She wants to get her purple belt as soon as possible. 
Here Grace is demonstrating listening position number 2. I am thinking about trying out the listening positions at home. They seem to work very well in class. 

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Pink Dawn said...

They are so cute! If there was a pink belt, my girls might want in on that action.