Saturday, May 03, 2008

MCAS New River Air Show

What you can't see in this picture: the girls refusing to let anyone else sit in the Huey ("but it's Daddy's, so we can stay in here as long as we want"), Grace's show-stopping melt down because we wouldn't let her get a Bratz ice cream cone, Annabelle refusing to walk for 75% of the 5 hours we were there, Grace taking about 15 bottles of water from the courtesy tent and shoving them underneath the stroller because she wanted them for later... Michael did what you see him doing in the picture pretty much the entire time. And of course, we were able to see Eric fly in this time, so the kids and I have redeemed ourselves from missing it at the Christmas party.

The girls had a blast crawling around in all the helicopters on display. 

Grace was nice enough to let our friend, Patrick have a few minutes in the front seat of the Huey.

Without some sort of crazy paparazzi lens, this was the best I could do to get a picture of Eric flying. Trust me, he's in there.

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