Tuesday, May 06, 2008

One Last Thing about the Weekend...

After spending the day at the Air Show on Saturday, the kids were a little hesitant to go back for another whole day on Sunday. Grace said, "but didn't we just go to the Air Show yesterday?" Since Eric was going to be flying again, and dropping some paratroopers this time, I decided we needed to at least make an appearance.  And they agreed, reluctantly.

We parked in a much better location this time, and we really didn't even need to leave the parking lot to have a spectacular view of all the action. When I spotted the Huey overhead, we all got very excited, the girls were waving and dancing around, etc... They were actually starting to have fun. 

Or so I thought.

As soon as the Huey was out of sight, Grace said, no longer laughing or dancing, "So that was Daddy?"  

When I assured her that it was, she said, "Ok, I'm done." 

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