Friday, May 09, 2008

Michael's New High Chair

Thank you IKEA for making an inexpensive high chair that doesn't have a million cracks and crevices to collect gunk. As much as I admire the high end high chairs, why spend a fortune when you can spend $18.99??? It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, or come fully loaded with a toy bar, and it doesn't come with some fancy designer cover on it. But it was under $20.00!!! Besides, you barely notice the chair with such a handsome little guy in it. 


Pink Dawn said...

So retro and simple! I think that looks like a 1970's high chair! Pretty cool. and you're right...the handsome dude takes away all of the chair's thunder anyway. :)

AER said...

It is very cool, and so far he is not missing all the extra crap that costs a fortune. Add food and he is a happy camper!