Monday, May 19, 2008

Old School Fun

Grace had a blast playing with the bouncers that I found at Target this morning. For $5.00, you can't beat it.

Unfortunately, Annabelle's legs are a bit too short to be able to reach the ground. It was sad. Very, very sad.


Dorothy said...

OMG is that your lawn? I'm so envious! I love all the "Whim" summer toys at Target too. Colin's favorite right now is the rocket launcher. I bought 2 of course, and he loves to launch it across the pool or from the play house. I also bought some hot dog boats. I feel a cookout coming on soon!

AER said...

We are loving the lawn since we couldn't even get grass to grow when we lived in FL. And the Whim stuff is great. We got the girls lacrosse sticks, too and they have loved them so far. I will have to look for the rocket launchers!